How do I find my perfect landmark?

The Be The Landmark database is searchable by location and by type of landmark.

Is my landmark forever?

Unless there is a specific time limit stated by the landmark provider, your landmark should last for as long as the site or item exists. Generally speaking, for example, a plaque for a bench in a park should remain for as long as the park exists. A lifesaving hospital machine or a fire engine with your name on it will last until the hospital or the fire department buys a replacement.

What wording can I use on my landmark?

The landmark provider will set the guidelines as to the wording a landmark may contain. Usually, names of people designated by the landmark purchaser is allowed. Sometimes inscriptions or other wording is allowed, as well.

Can I buy a landmark as a gift for someone other than myself?

Buying a landmark as a gift is a wonderful idea and commonly done. It doesn’t have to be only for yourself. Simply provide information about who to name on the gift.

Can I purchase a landmark in another country?

Yes. For example, if you live in Texas but you love Italy, you may purchase an Italian landmark.

Who will create my landmark?

Normally, the provider will be responsible for creating your landmark. For special projects such as a statue of yourself or someone else, you may wish to use your own sculptor. Be The Landmark will help you to interface with the provider to streamline the process.

Who takes care of the upkeep of my landmark?

Unless otherwise specified, landmark upkeep is provided by the landmark provider.

Who am I purchasing my landmark from?

Normally Landmarks are purchased by you from Be The Landmark. Please see our terms and conditions section for more detailed information.

Do you offer refunds?

Since each landmark is a unique, individualized item, refunds are not possible unless Br The Landmark has not materially fulfilled the terms of the purchaser’s order.

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