Keep Savannah Active

Savannah, Georgia, USA

This item is available to pre-order.

By purchasing a fitness module for the City of Savannah’s new exercise Trail, you help create a community space where action and leisure can meet.

To honor your contribution, your selected fitness module will have your name inscribed explaining “[Your name] keeps Savannah active.”

Additionally, you will also receive a small keepsake from the city to have in your home as a reminder of your generous purchase.

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Pricing and Details

Savannah, with your generosity, will gain a series of fitness modules to be placed in a along a trail of a community park.

You will be forever recognized for your support of a healthy Savannah with your name inscribed on a fitness module.

As a further thank you, you will receive a Savannah keepsake from the city you help keep active.


Pricing Details

Sponsor a Savannah fitness module inscribed with your or someone else’s name and receive a thank you fitness keepsake – $495.00


Within 1 week.

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