The lobster was so good I made it a centerpiece!

Maine, USA, Bar Harbor

A lovely glass sculpture hand-blown by a local artist, your “lobster” captures the essence of Maine! Each sculpture is available in an assortment of vibrant colors.

A great conversation piece and a fantastic way to keep fond memories of Bar Harbor. Also a great way to help the Town of Bar Harbor to raise funds for local needs. Each lobster sculpture is offered in limited quantities. Dig in now!

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Your glass lobster looks good, plus it doesn’t bite!

Maine harvests most of the lobster in the United States for a reason – it’s delicious. Your sculpture elegantly captures the sumptuous bounty that Maine’s oceans and harbors have to offer.

A glass sculpture is the perfect decorative gift item to bring you back to the beauty of those harbors and oceans.

Glass sculptures offer the perfect medium for providing the balance of transparency that the water has. Purchase your lobster today, and retain fond memories of the beach, the harbor and ocean, and of course, the lovely Maine lobster.

The Town of Bar Harbor and the state of Maine is a place of natural beauty. When people think of the area, they think of nature and all of the accoutrements that go with it.

For Bar Harbor, the most famous accoutrement is lobster.

The lighthearted landmark program “The lobster was so good I made it a centerpiece!” allows people to take a piece of Maine home, and more importantly, serves as a prominent reminder of the vital challenge we all face to urgently preserve our natural surroundings.

If nothing is done to stop polluting the seas, to stop the plastic, the rubbish, the chemicals, lobster and our oceans will one day only be a memory of the aged. Young people will never be able to enjoy the bounty of the sea that we take for granted today.

A lobster centerpiece will remind all of us to keep our oceans clean. If we do, we all win; if we don’t, we’ll lose perhaps the world’s most important resource.

Pricing Details

A lovely glass lobster sculpture hand-blown by a local artist which captures the essence of Maine.

Hand-blown Maine glass lobster sculpture – $25.00


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