A Maine Moose On The Loose

Maine, USA, Bar Harbor

Support Bar Harbor, Maine, with a life-sized moose sculpture delivered to the location of your choice. Made of top quality bronze, this sculpture is the perfect addition for any outdoor space. Add an unforgettable landmark to any home or business.

Each moose is made with high quality bronze to ensure it will be able to endure the seasons outdoors. In return for your support, net proceeds from your purchase will go to ensuring that moose will run free in Maine for years to come.

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The state animal of Maine is the moose. Maine is a moose-watcher’s paradise. In fact, the Maine moose population is estimated at 75,000 – the largest concentration in the lower 48 states.

To help maintain and improve Maine’s precious moose, Be The Landmark is offering a life-sized bronze moose sculpture, delivered to the location of your choice.

Imagine having your own moose outside your home or business. Think of all the pictures that will be taken with your moose sculpture, as a family keepsake or with your business name in the background.

Witnessing a moose is considered a once in a lifetime experience in Maine. Now you, your friends, and family will have the opportunity to see your moose for years to come.

Your purchase will help preserve the magnificent moose natural resource for future generations to enjoy.

Go ahead, buy a moose. This is one beast that won’t cost a fortune to feed!

Moose can be seen throughout Maine, but most of them live in the Western Lakes and Mountains, The Kennebec Valley, The Maine Highlands, and Aroostook County.

Moose watchers have the most luck from mid-May through July, as well as in autumn during breeding season.

In order to preserve Maine’s large moose population, researchers need to study their movements, habits, and well-being, and regulators need to ensure that the population is sustainable. Funding for those talented and dedicated people has a price, of course.

Net proceeds after costs from your purchase will go to preserving the Maine moose.

Natural resources such as the moose, along with Maine’s forests, seashore, and abundant wildlife, are among the most important reasons that people love to live and visit the state. In fact, they create numerous tourism jobs for the economy.

Your moose purchase will serve as a continuous reminder of Maine’s greatness, while benefiting the people of Maine and the wildlife that co-exists with them.

Spread the spirit of Maine. Buy a moose!

Pricing Details

Support Bar Harbor, Maine with a life-sized bronze moose sculpture delivered to the location of your choice.

Life-sized bronze moose sculpture Ā – $12,500.00


4 weeks.

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