San Diego BookNook

San Diego, California, USA

Embrace and nurture San Diego’s literacy culture by building a sculptural Reading Nook.

San Diego will create a literary landmark: a “pop-up Library” inspired by Toronto-based architects AKB’s Story Pod.

As an extension of the “Free Library,” the Reading Nook provides for the exchange of books and gives readers a dynamic new space to enjoy.

Your name will be inscribed in the BookNook, and you will receive a limited edition bookend as a keepsake reminder of your contribution.

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Pricing and Details

San Diego’s newest landmark, the Reading Nook pop-up library, will blend sympathetically into the gardens of world famous Balboa Park, yet still stand out enough for visitors to know it exists.

Pop-up library shelves will be stocked with free books with a take-one-leave-one policy, allowing plenty of space for readers to sit back and enjoy their new finds.

Your purchase brings the invaluable gift of reading, while providing a new space for residents and visitors to explore, both inside and outside of the book cover.

Not only will the city receive a BookNook on your behalf, but as a token of civic appreciation, you will receive a set of limited edition sculptural bookends from San Diego, the city that benefits from your landmark contribution.

Landmarks are no longer just for looking at. With programs like the San Diego BookNook, now visitors can flock to public spaces to enjoy a once private leisure activity. The BookNook concept improves the educational, mental, and emotional well-being of all who use it.

With the rise of audiobooks and e-readers, the nostalgia of cracking open a new book, smelling the fresh print of text, and the turning of crisp pages can be a refreshing, newfound experience for people surgically connected to their laptops and iphones.

By flipping the traditional library inside out, effectively turning it into a new local landmark, pop-up libraries such as BookNook hone in on that nostalgia while keeping up with the pace of modern life.

The pop-up library as a sculptural piece is attention-grabbing, but also civically sustainable because people enjoy looking at it, using it, and returning to it. Visitors to San Diego will discover a new concept that may not exist in their hometown, while residents will enjoy it as a lovely free-library and community hub.

Programs such as these present an opportune moment for cities to highlight their storytelling culture, while others can use it as a re-branding tool for accessible literacy, usable public spaces, and dynamic place-making.

Pricing Details

Your or your designee’s name inscribed in the BookNook plus a limited edition bookend as a keepsake for your contribution – $750.00


2 weeks.


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