Special Art By Special People

Minnesota, USA, Minneapolis


Support special needs people by purchasing an original work of art created by special needs people.

MSS is a charity that provides individualized programs and support to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. We help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential.

Step inside and see what we mean.

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Pricing and Details

Purchase an original painting, ceramic object, sculpture or other unique artwork to enjoy for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

The artwork will be created by an MSS artist; people with intellectual and physical disabilities who have the desire and courage to reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential.

Do a good deed and receive a work of art for your home or workplace, a winning acquisition for all!

The Show Gallery’s mission is to create accessibility in the arts and unite artists of all abilities.

This journey began when Winna Bernard, a social worker from Washington County, came into the Eagan ceramics studio and saw a bowl that was made by MSS artist Connie Bassett.

Winna went on to create The Show Nonprofit which features artists of all walks of life. Winna and MSS shared the dream of a gallery where artists of all backgrounds could display their work in a professional setting.

Since then the gallery has grown from a small room to a cavernous gallery and now we are in a space of our very own. Our new location opened in September of 2016.

Additional contributors include Springboard for the Arts and local artist TaCoumba Aiken.

A unique artwork created by an MSS artist-  $200.00


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