To remember someone

Friends, family members, loved ones, or special relations will always be remembered when honored with a landmark. A lasting tribute to a special person gives recognition to how they touched your life. Why not demonstrate the depth of your caring in a classic or innovative way?

In a city that changed your life

Mark the spot of a landmark occasion or the source of inspiration. Put something of you in the place which is a part of you. Perhaps it was the incredible buzz of a city, the peaceful serenity of a country town, the special people of a special place, or even a place you’ve longed to visit. It’s somewhere forever etched in your soul.

To someone who was forgotten

Perhaps it was an inspirational teacher, a kind neighbor, a civic leader, or someone who helped pick you up when you were down. As generations pass, a landmark to those who are meaningful will be remembered long into the future.

For your parents

Your mother and father created, nurtured, taught and loved you. Their commitment gave you your start in life. Honor them with a landmark for their efforts, sacrifices, achievement, and love.

In a special place

Mark the spot of a landmark occasion or the source of inspiration. Perhaps it was the incredible buzz of a city, the peaceful serenity of a country town, or the special people of a place forever etched into your soul. Could it be the town you grew up in, the spot you met your partner, the location that business idea was born, or even the area you’ve longed to visit? Keep your memories alive with your landmark at that place.


To the love of your life

Husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. The one you spent your life with, the one you should have spent your life with. A special place in your heart has a special place in the world. Wherever it is or was, mark the ultimate declaration of your love with Be the Landmark.

For our heroes

A hero demonstrates the best of humanity and can empower people of all ages to realize their own potential. Honor those who have distinguished themselves with a tangible mark of distinction. It could be someone close who serves to protect our country, a fire fighter, or maybe a neighbor or colleague who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The spirit of your community

This is your opportunity to contribute to the village, city, museum, or association that has given you so much. What better thank you than to make a mark on the community? Let local people share your generous recognition of the place which inspired you.

To honor your heritage

Your family’s home town, your birthplace, the place you grew up, or planted your roots. Paying respect to your heritage with a lasting landmark will ensure recognition and remembrance that will last for generations.

For your loyal pet

A pet is not just a pet but a loving companion and part of your family, whose place in your heart deserves to be recognized. A memento of an animal’s favorite spot in the park or on a riverside walk will provide fond memories of your loyal friend.

To mark achievement

Your venture has been a success and you’ve achieved your goals. Now it’s time to celebrate with a civic gesture that will further enhance your business. Lend your name to an installation, sponsor your local team, or donate to a neighborhood project. Your contribution will put your company on the map.

Just for you

Be someone. Be unique. Be a landmark. Inspiring and encouraging to others, why not put a tile on the wall of your favorite building, have a plant named after you – or even have a statue in your favorite plaza? For this one time, do it for you. You’ve earned that privilege.

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